Cheers to wholeness


Hey friends! Here on this beautiful, clear evening, I’ve found some time to write, and tonight, my heart is stirred regarding the area of healing. Heart healing. How necessary it is for our lives. How much the Father desires it.

In some respects, we’re continually undergoing healing. That’s because there’s always more freedom in Christ! I once heard from a grandfather in the faith, “You’re never as free as you’re going to be.” I’ve since held onto that. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand being in bondage when I know there is so much freedom to be experienced in Christ--what we are destined for. I am also learning patience, namely with myself, and that God has His process as He reveals and heals in the right time. 

I’m constantly amazed at the layers that are connected to our history--moments, root systems, sin we’ve agreed with, injustices in our lives, that are continually being unwound by the love of God. His desire in exposing the broken places in our lives is not to lead us into despair (which is the enemy’s goal), but to bring healing and greater freedom. This is God’s desire for our lives--freedom. Abundant life in Christ. Wholeness is a major part of the Kingdom. I remember last fall being struck with the revelation that Jesus does not heal us out out of obligation just because He’s Jesus, but He does so out of true joy and desire. It’s not a burden for Him, even if there are areas in our lives that we feel are continually coming to Him with. In fact, that’s exactly what He desires--that we would come to Him and not try to solve it ourselves. That never ends up well. 

In the journey of unwinding and healing, I often find the most challenging part is to not slip into frustration, disappointment, and shame (self-rejection huge bondage and is never what God intends for us) but instead, posture our hearts and receive of His mercy and grace. Today, I felt reminded by God that on the other side of the illumination of these areas in our lives is freedom and strength. Hallelujah! It might be difficult in the moment to face our brokenness, but sorrow only last for a little while. Joy follows. Nothing can hold back the joy that comes with knowing God.

“Weeping may last for the night, But a shout of joy comes in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5)

And truly, God will bring joy. I felt the Lord gently remind me that the bold and courageous thing to do is actually face these areas in our lives, recognize them, to walk through the healing necessary, even though it can be painful, and thus, experience victory and freedom. I think sometimes we feel the right reaction is to press pass them, which may be even done out of a right desire for freedom. But a root system that is never dealt with will only come back to affect us in the future. Just like weeds not removed break through pavement and threaten to disrupt its foundation, so do the strongholds and negative root systems in our lives that we don’t allow God’s love to heal. 

God’s call is for us to come--come to Him and have the courage to face these places--courage that He gives us. We aren’t perfect; something I have to remind myself of, and God doesn’t expect us to be. And to rest--rest in His work, in His hand, in His heart, in His time. There is always more freedom to be experienced. Always more to come. So beloved, take heart with me in knowing we’re on a journey, and God will always come through. Cheers to wholeness.