Worship, Songwriting & a New Album

Photo by: Ballesteros Photography

Photo by: Ballesteros Photography

Norway. Where I did my DTS.

Norway. Where I did my DTS.


"Ill Never Give You Up." From my first EP, "Reality."  ℗ 2016 Jena Brancart

This post proves to be a bit different than usual. I felt led to share a little bit about my heart and vision for this upcoming project and why worship and songwriting means so much to me. It always feels a little vulnerable to open up, however I know it's good. And so, I'd love to speak a little about the why behind what I love to do.


Worship has always been a way I have deeply connected with God. I remember in high school coming home, sitting down at my piano, and letting my heart overflow in words and melodies--whatever came forth. It was a way I processed and connected with God, and in return, I felt Him minister to me. 

In 2011, God called me to do a creative arts Discipleship Training School with YWAM. Over the years, I had been involved in worship in various capacities, however, it was there He not only invited me to start leading worship, but also struck me with a deeper revelation of worship. I began encountering Him like I never had before. A passion was ignited in me. I saw that worship was a place God longs to commune with us. I discovered there were things He wanted to release in specific moments, and that in seeking to be led by His Spirit, I could partner with Him where He was already moving to see released what He wanted to pour out. Worship became a place of transformation and freedom, not only in my own life, but in those around me--a place to encounter His heart. There is nothing like His presence. These moments in worship continued to flow over into personal times at the piano, birthing songs that documented moments, seasons, and encounters. As I journeyed throughout YWAM, God invited me to start taking worship leading and songwriting a little more seriously and to steward my life accordingly. And so, I decided to step in and give my life to it. 

As a songwriter and worship leader, my vision is to be a vessel that partners with God to help facilitate a place of encounter. My heart is for intimacy. I love His presence. I love bringing Him glory. I am passionate about connecting with God and seeing people experience His heart--transformed, diving deeper, set free, and encouraged in His presence. I love stepping back and seeing God do His thing. Every moment in worship is so new and different. Because He is endless, there is always a new facet of Him to experience. As a songwriter, I long to fully express my heart to God. I've come to realize that there's value in sharing our journeys with one another, because they are not our own. If I can provide language set to melodies that create space for people to connect and find a piece of their own story with God in, that means everything. Together, we are encountering Him.


I am thoroughly excited for this project. I hadn’t planned on recording another album so soon, but God in His timing is always perfect. For this project, I have the honor of working with Gabriel Wilson, who has produced for Bethel Music (Tides, You Make Me Brave), John Mark McMillan, and Lindy Conant, amongst others. Not only has he been an incredible producer, but a mentor as well. As I prayed into this project, I immediately felt God challenging me to open up my process to community. I wrestled for a while with the idea, as it felt extremely vulnerable. At times it still does. But, what I’ve realized throughout this whole process is that God has been wanting to continue to teach me the richness of community and the beautiful humbling that comes with realizing I can’t, nor was I meant to, do this on my own. The support and encouragement that lies within family is invaluable, and it’s transforming me. 

Every song on this project has a story that means so much to my heart. Though they were written out of personal encounters with God, my intention is that they would not stop there. These songs aren't just my songs. My prayer is that others would find a piece of their journey with God in them as well, that corporately, we can celebrate God's goodness together--that He would be glorified. This is all for Him. 

I would love to invite you to be a part of this project. It is my joy to invite you into the process. This project is not possible on my own, and it is community and the faithfulness of God that's fueling it. Perhaps one of the biggest ways you can do so is by prayerfully considering giving to make this EP possible. At the moment, it is my biggest need, and I am excited to share that my goal as almost been met. If you feel excited about joining me, you can find out more on my GoFundMe project page by clicking this link: http://www.gofundme.com/jenaep

I am so excited to see what God will do. I pray that He would minister His heart and presence to all who listen. It's been a joy to steward these songs, and I am thoroughly excited to release them into community. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Your prayers, support, and encouragement mean so much to me. Here's to doing this together

With love, Jena