God will invite us to step into circumstances, opportunities and moments designed to strengthen, transform, and display His faithfulness in our lives.

Faith is our RSVP. 


I began this post a few nights ago, having no inclination of what to speak of, all I knew is that it has been a while, and I felt the invitation to write. Sometimes, the invitations of God are like this. We know He's calling us, extending His hand and asking us to step with Him, but we don't always know where we will end up. Only as the journey unfolds do we begin to see the mini pit-stops of lessons and transformations, and to make out the horizon of the destination as we near it.

These past weeks, I've felt big invitations from the Lord, which have been met by uncertainty, questions, and mulled over thoughts--perhaps because I know these invitations require something of me. They require me to let go of control and trust that my Father is good and that He will come through. They require faith, and for myself, perhaps some of the most that's been asked of my heart. But it's these simple words He firmly spoke to my heart and brought me to tears with: I will come through for you.

As I found myself wrestling with fear and doubt some weeks ago, I felt God clearly speak to my heart: You can't have a testimony unless you take a step of faith. I was moved. Invitations will remain invitations until we actually accept them and begin walking. It's our yes in faith that releases God to move. We may not always know what lies ahead, but I believe our fuel needs to be not whether we can see the end result or not, rather what He has spoken to our hearts. His word. His voice. Oftentimes, I think He chooses to conceal the full plan, because He's training our spiritual eyes of faith and teaching us to trust His nature and character. We come to truly know His goodness and faithfulness when we bank our faith on Him. He knows no other way than to come through. We can easily know and believe who He is in our head, but it's only when we experience Him be these things for us that these truths become realities in our hearts--foundations and places that we live out of.  

So, if God is giving you an invitation, join me in responding by stepping in with faith. It doesn't mean doing so with the absence of wrestling. It doesn't mean waiting until you've got it all sorted out. If you've heard His voice and He is confirming, step in. Our position is obedience. God will produce the results. 


"The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged." (Deuteronomy31:8, NIV)