Resting in His Promises


To you who is waiting on a promise. Wait--He will be faithful.

I think it's fair to say that if not at this moment, at some point in our lives, God has given us promise that we eagerly wait/have eagerly waited for. And perhaps at some point, timelines seemed to drift apart from one another--when you thought it would come and how God is actually moving. Unmet expectation can easily become a breeding ground for doubt, sadness, or even despair, and perhaps you even find yourself wondering, "Did I hear right?" "Will this ever come about?" But wait, hold on. Don't give up hope. 

God sees a bigger picture, and it's more vast and intricate than we can grasp. 

There is more going on. God is working and weaving together much more than we know. He is scheduling divine moments. He is moving in situations. He is bringing people together. He is shaping us. Not only will God be faithful to fulfill His promise, but even more, I believe He is excited and longs to mold us in the process of waiting, because His chief desire is the transformation of our character. I believe as well that this building and strengthening is often necessary to carry the promise He has for us. God is not withholding. In the waiting, He is revealing His nature to us. He is building faith, strength, endurance, perspective. He is simultaneously growing us, because He is interested in our heart and our relationship with Him. 

Some promises are fulfilled years after they are spoken in the secret place of our hearts. Perhaps some of us still find ourselves there today. God is still faithful. Have confidence--the wait is purposeful. He has not forgotten. 

Time and time again in scripture, we see that endurance produces hope, and hope is meant to characterize our relationship with God. 

But if we hope for what we do not see, with perseverance we wait eagerly for it. (Romans 8:25, NASB)

Gahh, I love this verse, and my heart is challenged.

This verse necessitates that there is confidence and expectation attached to the waiting. But this is what I'm learning--if my expectation and contentment is found in the outcome itself rather than God Himself, I will feel discontent until it comes. Perhaps unknowingly, we've attached worth to it's fulfillment, so our sense of purpose becomes shaken when we have not yet seen. Perhaps in the "delay," we become tempted to fulfill it in our own strength. Our expectation must be placed in the promise-Giver, not the promise. The promise is beautiful, but, it wasn't made to take the place of Him, rather point back to Him. I find it at work in my own life--the moment I begin to base my contentment and my worth in an outcome rather than in being His child, I loose perspective. But it's in delighting myself in His presence and trusting Him where joy is produced. I come back into alignment with His nature and character, and I remember--He is faithful--and my spirit is filled with confidence. 

So, if today, you find yourself waiting on a promise, take heart and have courage. If God has spoken, you can rest in His timing. The wait is meant to be filled with joy, thriving, and the deepening of our trust in Him, not merely days passing by. Our lives aren't on hold until it comes. The promises He has made are good. They are actually...incredible. He will be faithful! Let our hearts find hope in Him. I guess this what I feel the Lord has been in encouraging me in--to remember that more than the promises themselves is Him who fulfills them. The promise doesn't give me worth--He does. I can trust Him. Our endless and bountiful God has so much in every day to reveal to us and bless our hearts with. So, let us be found joyfully waiting as we enjoy the unfolding. 


I write from the place of personal experience, observation, and reflection on who God is. As always, I encourage you to pray, search the Word, and seek Him on these topics. 

Jena Brancart