God's Faithfulness in the Process



I had the beautiful privilege of attending a discipleship school this past autumn. It was a school unlike any other I have ever been a part of. It is aptly referred to as a school for the heart. The two months I spent there were a gift from the Father and an absolute treasure. It precisely was a time for me to rest, engage my heart, and engage the Lord's heart. I realized I had never taken an intentional season without ministry assignments, without an agenda, without "doing," and pursue "being," allowing the Lord to do what He wanted to do. And what He did was life-changing.

One of the most profound things my heart softened towards and began to receive is that it is ok to be in process. The more and more I grow in my relationship with God, the more I see that the Father is about process. Sometimes, it's so easy to get caught up in a goal or an outcome that we miss out in the beauty of the unfolding. In the process, there are so many variables that we can't even see that God knows about, and in His lovingkindness and wisdom, He reveals and releases at just the right time. 

Sometimes, we have our own timelines, and sometimes, the Lord lovingly shifts them a bit. Why? Because He desires the best for us, and I see that to be true in every "missed" deadline, every season it "took more time than expected" and every moment where it looked like there wasn't a way. The timing of the Lord and how He came through proved to be the most humbling, sweet, and awe-inspiring outcome that I could've never pictured for myself. Because He's good, and He's faithful, and He finishes what He starts. 

Today, I rejoice in the faithfulness of God and choose to accept the beauty of process a little bit more. It's in the process we embark on a deeper journey of knowing the heart of God.