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A B O U T  T H E  E P

I actually didn't plan on recording this album. Instead, God gave me an invitation, enabling me to give Him my yes. The process of writing, recording, and releasing this EP has been life-shaping. In many ways, it has been a big step into new territory--spiritually, lyrically, and sonically--a continual series of invitations God has given me. One of the greatest things I've learned through this process is that it's in trust and surrender we discover more of who He is and who He's called us to be in Him. That's one of the major heartbeats behind this album. There is great joy when we fully give ourselves to the Lord. The title of this EP is "Boxes," because this journey has been so much about allowing God to break down walls, fears, and wrong views of Him--the "boxes" in my life--and bring me into alignment with truth and who He is. It's also been about stepping into the more that He is inviting me...inviting us into. There's always so much more of Him to discover. My prayer is that these songs fill you with the joy and freedom that comes with surrendering to and trusting in God as you confidently step into the invitations He is giving you, past what you've known and into greater depths of who is He is.  

-  J E N A



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M E E T  J E N A

Jena Brancart is a worship leader, songwriter, and artist with a passion to see lives transformed by God through worship and a heart to equip and encourage people in their faith.

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